BioBat Art Space is pleased to announce Summation & Absence, an exhibition consisting of of tactile, immersive installations where the artists engage in research that explores the human condition. By methodically drawing on the natural world, each installation opens a fresh portal into what is at stake for life on this planet, inviting the viewer to reflect on the beauty and complexity of life within a vulnerable ecosystem.

These six artists create works inspired by the sciences of  biology and ecology. Through additions and/or removal of variants such as information, technology, disease and toxins the artists in Summation & Absence create innovative scientific and artistic results.


Curators Etty Yaniv and Christina Massey thoughtfully organized an exhibition highlighting both the differences and the common ground between the artists – their research methods, artistic processes and the resulting diversity in their visual vocabularies.

Future Exhibits

Common Frequencies/ Frecuencias comunes

Curated by Elisa Gutierrez Eriksen

Common Frequencies brings together a group of cross-disciplinary Mexican artists whose work meets at the intersection of art and science, and explores the relationship between these two disciplines through sound, urban ecology, language, and the construction of collective imageries.

Coming Spring 2020

Our Artistic Directors


Jeannine Bardo

Jeannine Bardo is a Brooklyn born artist, curator and art educator. She received her BFA in illustration from the School of Visual Arts and completed both a Masters in Art Education and a Masters in Fine Arts from Brooklyn College. She is a multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on humanity’s connections to the natural world. Bardo is the founder and artistic director of Stand4 Community Arts Center and Gallery. Housed in a former medical office in the heart of Bay Ridge,
Stand4 brings the visual arts and programming to the center of the community, opening up opportunities for social, political and cultural connections and creating a discourse that bridges culture and tradition and includes new voices towards a more sustainable future inspired by local interests.

Bardo has contributed writings to galleryELL, was a participating artist and juror for SAW before becoming a board member and is currently a mentor and contributing writer to ART21 Educators. She collaborated on a NYC public artwork titled Ark for the Arts with fellow artist Isabelle Garbani that focused on climate change and resiliency in the community of Red Hook, Brooklyn.


Elena Soterakis

Elena Soterakis is a Brooklyn based artist, curator, and educator. Her artwork explores themes of disposability and impending ecological disaster. With both her art and curatorial practices Soterakis attempts to makes sense of the world around us, with a firm belief that the intersection of art and science hold the keys to solving the problems of tomorrow.

Soterakis’ work has recently been exhibited at the Center for Contemporary Political Art in Washington D.C. and Winter Street Gallery at Sawyer Yards in Houston, Texas. In addition, she has exhibited throughout New York at the Flowers Gallery, The Islip Museum, The Long Island Museum, Sotheby’s, the NPR/WNYC Jerome L. Greene Space. She has received a fellowship from the Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts and attended their summer residency program, and was a chosen participant in the New York Foundation for the Arts MARK Program.

Soterakis received her MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art and a BFA from The School of Visual Arts. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Visual Arts at Suffolk County Community College and the City University of New York’s Stella and Charles Guttman Community College.